Thursday, July 19, 2007

back to bentos

I've not neglected my bento making, don't worry. I just haven't taken pictures of every single one. I've been reading this book, and it gave me a hankering to make sushi. Sushi is perfect for my bento! I haven't made it in years, and am not all that good at it, but it tasted good, so there. I made one roll with an imitation crab stick and some pickled daikon. The other has masago and carrots. Simple little rolls. Here is the resulting bento:

For more on making your own sushi, check out the "Wake up Little Sushi" episode of Good Eats. It's quite helpful. And while we're on the subject, I love these little ball-shaped sushi on Just Hungry.

With my leftover rice from the Sushi-making, I made fried rice. Day old-rice is best for fried rice, and I had some Smart Dog fake hotdogs that I was scared to try. I figured hot-dog fried rice would be a good use of them. It worked well. I don't think I'd like the smart dogs as just hotdogs, though. I also found some pickled garlic that is pink! It's so pretty, so I made a flower out of it. Here is that bento:

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