Friday, May 11, 2007

friday frozen food fun

Two posts in one evening! Crazy. It's been a long week. I came home from work, too lazy to cook something, too lazy to go to the store, and too poor to go out for sushi for a second Friday in a row. So I took a look in the freezer, where I had collected some fun stuff. So I present, my "there's more to frozen foods than lean cuisine" crazy dinner:

So the round bread thingy is called gobi paratha. I picked it up from a small Indian store by my home.The package says it's "Indian bread stuffed with cauliflower and spices." All you do is heat it up in a skillet for a few minutes. Yum! Quite spicy, which is fine by me. Luckily I had some plain yogurt in the fridge, which served as a dip and added another dimension (and cooled the hot hot spice a bit). When I googled gobi paratha, the first entry was from fellow St. Louis food blogger One Hot Stove (she's on my list of local links on the right over there! small blogosphere!). She has a recipe for making homemade gobi paratha (scroll down, it's there). It doesn't look too too hard, but kind of a delicate process. I usually shy away from baking science-y. Maybe I'll try it, though (I'll just make sure to have these frozen ones (SWAD foods is the brand, by the way) on hand in case I screw up royally.

I also noticed I had stashed some edamame in there, so I heated that up as a side dish of sorts. I love edamame. It might just be my favorite veggie. It's up in the top ten of my favorite foods, even! I just like it with salt. But I might try it with lemon juice, as suggested here, sometime. That would make it more summery!

So, that was my dinner! it took all of 7 minutes, and was way better than any frozen dinner I've ever had.

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