Sunday, December 02, 2007

christmas in the Lou...some gift ideas

A bunch of us STL food bloggers are putting together local gift lists. Here's mine. Check out links to the others' lists at the end.

Actual Factual Food
-Most of these will be available at your local grocery store. Christmas shopping while grocery shopping? SWEET!

-An assortment of Volpi meats would be nice. You'll find the best selection at Volpi or a grocery store on the Hill, such as Viviano's, but I know that Schnucks carries a bunch, too.

-Candy from Crown Candy Kitchen. May I recommend the Heavenly Hash, the chocolate covered espresso beans and....okay anything chocolate. Their chocolate is scrumptious. As far as I know you can only get the candy at Crown Candy Kitchen, so make sure to enjoy a yummy lunch while you're there!

-The Hill is known for it's Italian fare, and some of that can be recreated with jarred sauces that are available at your local grocery store. Sauces such as A Taste of the Hill line, and Rigazzi's restaurant's sauce.

-Fitz's Root Beer is made here, and you could make a fun little gift by getting an assortment of flavors...they have cream soda, orange, cola...or just the classic root beer!

-St. Louis Beers! No, not AB (sorry loyalists...I just don't like any of it). Schlafly beers are some of my favorites, and are available all over, in many varieties which depend on the season. There are variety 12 packs, which are great. All you need to do is slap a bow onnit! O'Fallon Brewery, a little further out of St. Louis, but still quite local, makes some good stuff too.

St. Louis crafters!

-My good pal mamaphunk sells these adorable tiny pies at her etsy store.

-Destroyed by design has chocolate chip cookie necklaces and some other food pendants.

-STL style makes some hilarious only-a-local-will-get-it tees. This "the Hill" shirt with a toasted ravioli and one of the famous red white and green fire hydrants holding hands is hilarious! They also make gooey butter underwear, which I find hysterical, although most people I've mentioned it too think it's disgusting. Well, whatever tickles your gift-giving pickle.

-This St. Louis crafter makes really cute potholders and sells them on etsy.

St. Louis Food Books

-St. Louis food writers and fellow bloggers Joe and Anne Pollack have written several books on St. Louis food, including Beyond Toasted Ravioli and Beyond Gooey Butter Cake.

-St. Louis Flavors: the Loop will tell you about the history of the loop and has recipes from a bunch of the restaurants located there.

-the Midwest Corn fusion book would be fun for any corn lovers in your life.

-For the Food History buffs on your list, there are several neat options; The Food Journal of Lewis & Clark: Recipes for an Expedition, a book about what those famous adventurers ate while traveling westward. Pull Carts & Stalls: The Soulard Market History Cookbook, a good idea for those who love farmers markets, and Sweetness Preserved: The Story of the Crown Candy Kitchen, to go along with those candies!


-Treat someone to classes at places such as the Wine and Cheese Place or The Wine Merchant. You can find a good list of upcoming wine classes/events here.

-Tickets to the St. Louis Food & Wine show at the Chase. It benefits the St. Louis Repertory Theatre and is a blast! I've been for the past few years. It gets bigger and bigger every year, with tons of vendors sampling wines and food. There are also demos and speakers.

Here are links to the other St. Louis food bloggers who are participating in this list-making blogging event. Check them out for other great STL gift ideas:
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Also, STLHops has a list of gifts for St. Louis Beer lovers.


Nupur said...

This is a great list! I really should go to Crown Candy Kitchen and Fitz's soon.

Anonymous said...

That should be, not, for the xmas beer list.....

ironstef said...

Thanks nupur! I don't go to either of the places enough. I need some chocolate!

mac, good eye! thanks. I fixed it :)


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