Monday, November 29, 2004

think thin

Thanksgiving is over, but we’re still in full holiday swing. When the food is plentiful…and so is the guilt and extra weight-gain. Today’s links are all over healthy eating & weight-loss tips.

First things first, put down the donut, and back away slowly.

Drink lots of water.

I like soup as a healthy but comforting meal. Today I had split-pea soup from the cafeteria that was mighty yummy and perfect for this cold cloudy day. For some soupy inspiration, check out this list of movies that feature soup.

Obviously, an American-style diet ain’t gonna cut it. Check out how people around the world eat. Lots of good tips in this series of articles.

Speaking of tips, here’s some about how to avoid binge eating during the holidays. Speaking of holiday eating, check out some of these healthy holiday recipes. yum.

Instead of just trying to diet, maybe you should reflect on relationship to food.

Or get spiritual and artsy with your healthy self with diet inspiration from Our Lady of Weightloss. Check out her greeting cards. Pretty.

A glossary of diet pills and weight-loss terms for the studious dieters. And while you’re nerding up your diet, might as well use a calculator!

For healthy lunches, this company makes really cute compartmentalized lunch boxes, much like Jaapanese bento boxes, except more tupperware-ish. Their website has lots of great ideas for healthy lunches.

For those who read this but don’t give a crud about eating healthier, I’ll just come full circle (pun intended) and end with a link to tips for eating donuts.

Let’s get physical!

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