Monday, November 01, 2004

House of Yum!

Friday Night I met some friends at House of India at Delmar and I-170. I adore Indian food, but have only been to a couple of restaurants. I've heard that House of India is very good, and it's true! The service was good, like at all Indian restaurants I've been to. We had a big table of people, so service was affected by that a bit, but overall no major problems.

I tried my friend's Mango Lassi, which I've never had. Those things are least for a huge mango fan like myself. We got and appetizer sampler platter. Being one of the 2 meat eaters in the crowd, I tried some kind of tubular lamb sausage and tandoori chicken. Both very flavorful.

For dinner I order #73-Chana Alu, which is "Chick peas and potatoes cooked in curry sauce with fresh tomatoes and onions." It sure was tasty. I have such a weak spot for potatoes in curry sauce. They are just the perfect couple. House of India has wonderful rice, too. Basmatti rice comes with most of the meals, but it's not just plain ordinary rice...It's delicately flavored with, I think, cinnamon, maybe lemon, maybe cumin? Like I said, subtle but it makes a positive difference. I tried my friend Kristen's homemade cheese with spinach dish. It was good, too, but not as flavorful as I like...very simple.

Mine was only $8, and I even had a little left over to bring home a sample to Jack! Oh, and when you get a to-go box, they supply you with some fresh basmatti rice! How nice is that?

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