Monday, November 22, 2004

gobble gobble

Gee, what could I possibly post about this week? Is there anything special going on in the world of food?

Oh, I know! I just found out it’s National Games week, and I just found out there’s an Iron Chef boardgame!

Oh, and there’s that Thanksgiving thing. Are you thankful for the internet? I am. A few reasons:

Cooking for Engineers’ guide to turkey.

Fun turkey facts & History. Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird!

Tofu Turkey.

Tips for a gay thanksgiving.

Tips on choosing wines. I usually stick to my favorite reds, ‘cause I can drink red wine with almost anything. Last year, we brought a big bottle of Pieporter Riesling along to share, because my family is the oober-sweet Beringer white zinfandel type (yuck!), and we thought we’d introduce a better sweet wine. It was a big hit.

I will overeat.


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