Monday, November 01, 2004

4 cups of fame

Today’s link category is "Cooking with Famous People." It’s a theme with real star power (insert laugh track here).

Even though Halloween is over, I think we can enjoy Elvira’s recipes all year long! I espeically like the Honeymoon Salad recipe:
-lettuce alone
-dressing optional

Speaking of famous spooksters, did you know that Vincent Price was a gourmet? Here’s his recipe for Pork roast.

Who’s tight with more stars than Oprah? Her website has a food section, with a whole page of
celebrity recipes! Tom Cruise’s Carbonara looks quite tasty.

And it looks like Oprah’s good pal Dr. Phil is one of the illustrious contributors to this New book of star food.

Even though I’m not familiar with any of them, I bet these Jamaican celebrities cook up some yummy dishes, mon.

Isaac Hayes not only plays a chef on tv, He’s in the restaurant business, too! Here’s his crab cake recipe.

And finally, check out Cooking with Christopher Walken. "I think these brownies need something….Yeah, they definitely need more cowbell."

Cut! That’s a wrap!

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