Thursday, October 31, 2013

St. Louis' Best Balls, Installment 7: The Mediterranean Grill

Full disclosure - The Mediterranean Grill invited me to try some of their food, on-the-house, as a way to start some word-of-mouth about their food, which they are clearly passionate about. That said, I did not promise to write anything about them... I figured it would be a nice night out with friends (other food bloggers were invited, and you know I love my other food bloggers!), and if I had nothing nice to say, I'd say nothing at all. (Interested in  blogging ethics? Check out this good list of guidelines from Diane Jacobs) As it turns out... there's plenty of nice things to say about The Mediterranean Grill! There will be plenty more visits.

The Mediterranean Grill is Located in Chesterfield Valley, which is known more for it's plethora of big-box retail stores and chain restaurants than it is for interesting independent food. The Mediterranean Grill is an oasis in a strip-mall... owned by a husband and wife team, all recipes by the husband, who is originally from Israel. His influences are a vast array, as Israel is a place of diverse cultures. Moroccan, Middle-Eastern, Greek... The Mediterranean Grill's menu has them all... and they are done well. Fresh, thoughtful, made with love and from scratch. Just look at this beautiful hummus! 

Of course, I was most interested in their balls. Above is the falafel. Uh ohhhh.... my favorite falafel (Pita+... see post here) has some competition. Fluffy, flavorful, fried discs of chick peas and herbs. Good stuff!

Then there is the Kubbeh, a ball that is completely new to me. It is football shaped cracked wheat magically filled with ground beef, onions, pine nuts and spices then fried. Did I mention magic? These were my favorite thing all night (and I tried lots of very good food). They have a nice sweetness to them, from the wheat and the meat's spice blend. And pine nuts... I love anything with pine nuts :)

I encourage all you city-centric foodies to venture out to The Mediterranean Grill... you will not be sorry! 

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