Monday, January 10, 2005

where've ya bean?

Even though my stomach disagrees, I think that Beans are one of the earth's perfect foods. Healthy, versatile, yummy, cheap. Beans are great!

In fact, they are the theme for the next "My Blog is Burning," which I may have to participate in this time. Here's the info, plus some fantastic bean puns from Too Many Chefs. Bean Martin. that's classic.

Here's a can of beans that's traveling all over the world.

Beans & Crockpots are true soul-mates.

Who doesn't love a good bean tale? A Jack & the Beanstalk database with different versions and illustrations.

Mexican jumping beans jump because they have moth larvae in 'em. ew.

Speaking of ew, we all know beans are the "musical fruit." Blame it on oligosaccharides. But don't fret. There are precautions you can take to lessen the sound effects.

A favorite gulity pleasure (guilty in that it's cheap fast-food) is actually pretty healthy. Taco Bell Bean Burrito Fresco Style. Now, making burritos at home is even better....healthier and probably cheaper, and of course yummier. My favorite way to make them was inspired by the gi-huge-ic burritos at Tomatillo's. All you do is make plain white rice, and when it's done you add chopped up fresh cilantro and jalepeno (about one bunch's worth of cilatro leaves and 1 or 2 peppers, depending on their heat) and mix thoroughly. pile some in a large tortilla, add beans (I like black beans...from a can...flavored with cumin, garlic powder, mexican oregano and hot pepper flakes) and any other burrito fare you desire (cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, etc.). Since you're getting bulk from rice and beans, you can make a dozen burritos easy...burritos for a week!

Vanilla Beans are sexy.

The Bean Bible. Bean praying?

The Powamu Festival is a Hopi Indian celebration of the bean sprout. The Bean sprout represents fertility. and there's flogging!

Jelly Bean art.

Bean art.

Bean fortune telling.

Chocolate covered beans. Coffee beans that is. *drool*

Well, that's enough beans to power a submarine, i think. It's bean real, it's bean fun! (sorry, couldn't help myself.)

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