Monday, January 17, 2005

edible art

Food nourishes your body, art nourishes your soul. When you combine the tow, great things can happen. But not always ;) My theme today…."eat your art"

These cakes are unbelievably cool. I especially like the Wine box one, and of course, the sushi cake.

An artist who does amazing things with caramel and pastry.

Ever read a book so delicious you could eat the pages?

Sugar Art. Wow.

Gummy bear necklaces, A map of Iraq made of crackers, cupcake poetry…must be "eat art 6!"

Sushi is an artform in itself, but here it’s taken to another level.

Paintings done entirely with coffee.

Spam carving (not for the sqeamish.) That reminds me, I’ll have to post my "Ode to processed meat products" here sometime.

This woman does beautiful things with eggshells.

Now I’m definitely inspired, but I have to figure out whether it’s to eat or to create.

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