Monday, April 21, 2008

bratcho battle

You guys. We totally made bratchos. HA! Not only did we make bratchos, we made 2 different versions of bratchos! Heck yes we did!

See, when I saw bratchos on the Grizzlies menu, I thought it was pretty brilliant. 2 glorious stadium foods together at last! Visions of sauerkraut and melted cheese danced through my head. Then I took a look at what the Grizzlies bratchos involved:"A diced bratwurst marinated in tangy buffalo sauce placed on top a boat of tortilla chips and nacho cheese sauce." Wha? I don't put wing sauce and nacho cheese on my bratwurst! This is not jiving with the bratchos of my dreams.

But, they were the brilliant inspiration for our dinner. So we had to give props to the original by making them. And since I could not deny my own bratcho daydreams, we made bratchos 2 ways...the bratcho battle was ON!

Jack was in charge of grilling the brats and making the OB (Original Bratchos), while I tended to my idea of bratchos. Using jarred nacho cheese and a quick homemade Buffalo sauce (basically equal parts hot sauce and butter), Jack made these:

The bratchos of my fantasies involved 2 kinds of shredded sharp cheddar, melted onto the chips in the oven, diced bratwurst and sauerkraut (the kind from the refrigerated meat section...not the canned!):

The Grizzlies bratchos were just too much. Too salty, too goopy. My bratchos were the clear winner. Melty cheese. Salty, fatty grilly brats, and crisp, tangy, slightly sweet kraut. Home run! Sorry Grizzlies!


redneck muppet said...


that's what drool on a keyboard looks like.

Anonymous said...

ooo fun!

As a Wisconsin born girl, these are very, very appealing. :)

brats + cheese + kraut (+beer) = cheesehead happiness.

Anonymous said...

i don't really like brats, but i'll eat just about anything with sauerkraut! *drool*

ironstef said...

redneck muppet: hey! clean that up! :)

ali: all on delicious tortilla chips, no less!

kristin: how about polish sausage? KIELBACHOS!!!

KELLY said...

Mmmm....I am making ribs tonight. I'd bet they'd go really well with some bratchos. If you show up here with them, I will share my ribs...fig & ginger glazed ribs...with you. *wink wink*