Monday, September 10, 2007

the power of cheese

I went to a friend's house Friday night for creative night she was hosting. She had printed out illustrator/author/bloggerKeri Smith's superhero templates for everyone, and several of us brought scraps, glue, glitter, punches, etc., and we all made our own super heroes! It was a blast. Besides craft stuff, I also brought a few cheeses. It seems I bring cheese with me everywhere, so I decided my super hero would be a cheesy femme fromage. May I present

*da da da daaaaaa*

Cheese Louise!!!

She has 3 different cheese knives and is ready for anything...stinky, soft, hard, aged, blue, yellow...anything! Her cape doubles as a napkin/picnic blanket and she has a magic red wine charm around her neck which when used in conjunction with the magic word "Gorgon-ZOLA!" produces the perfect wine pairing for any cheese from thin air. The baguette under her arm is a magic one which she can share infinitely without ever running out, and her cheese cutting board goes with every decor!

This was such a fun activity. It allowed for silliness, creativity and chit-chat. I hope there are more of these creative nights in my future, because Cheese Louise needs a sidekick and a dog named Blue.

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