Friday, September 21, 2007

hard cider pork steaks

Last night I made this Pork Braised in Hard Cider recipe from seriouseats. It made for a good weeknight, late summer meal. I love recipes that involve alcohol, because you get to drink it while you're cooking and you know it's going to pair well with the meal. The recipe is pretty simple, and we made a few adjustments. The main difference is we used pork steaks instead of chops (that's how we do in the lou). Since pork steaks are larger, I used 2 onions and added a green pepper. Also, after everything was cooked, Jack reduced the simmering liquid and added a pinch of dried thyme and a pat of butter to make a sauce for everything. We ate it with white rice. The meat was very tender, and I iked the flavor of the cider with everything. the little bit of butter made for a nice rich, flavorful sauce.

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