Thursday, August 30, 2007

vodka inspiration

At the store last weekend I spotted the new Absolut New Orleans vodka.

It has a mango black pepper flavor! I did not buy a bottle, but it did make me rethink the plain ol' mango sorbet I had made (Actually just pureed fresh mangos that I ran through the ice cream maker...they didn't need sugar.)

So I let the sorbet sit in the fridge for a day so it returned to a liquid state, added a can of lite cocnut milk, for a bit of fat so it wouldn't freeze so hard, and a teaspoon and a half of freshly-ground black pepper. I also added a splash of Absolute Vanilla, as an ode to my inspiration (and also for a bit of flavor and another way to keep the sorbet a softer texture...oh and a friend had told me his grandmother used to add gin to her lemon sorbet...which I've gotsta try). I also should give a shout-out to foodgoat's peppercorn ice cream, which helped put the idea of peppered frozen treats in my head.

The resulting sorbet is totally fun! I might use regular coconut milk next time for a creamier texture, but as it is, this is a great summer treat. It's sooo cold and fruity at first, then it melts a little in your mouth and that certain mango richness comes through, along with the creamy coconut. After you swallow, the pepper leaves a nice heat on the back of your tongue. Neat! I think I'll be purchasing some Absolut New Orleans for some weekend festivities. 100% profit goes to New Orleans, can I say no? :)


Brilynn said...

I will never tire of new ice cream/frozen treat flavours, looks good!

Anonymous said...

absolutely brilliant.