Friday, November 17, 2006

well read, well fed (installment 4)

The book I'm reading now is called Insatiable, by Gael Greene. I really got into at first, but now I think my attention span has shrunken, because I haven't been reading lately. Anyway, the book is good. All about food, sex and famous people. How could it be bad? And there are recipes interspersed throughout as well. I like Gael. Her life sounds like a fun one. She is a food columnist for New York Magazine. Here is an excerpt from Insatiable.

Last weekend, I went to a housewarming party of some friends of mine. As a host/housewarming gift I got them Amy Sedaris' I Like You. It's a book all about entertaining, with recipes, tips and such. It is freakin hilarious. Seriously funny. I will have to get myself a copy this weekend. It's great fun to flip through this book.

I've been watching Jamie Oliver's Italian Escape show on the Travel channel every Wednesday night, and it's very interesting. I might have to get this book as well.

Speaking of books about Italian food, Bookslut links to several articles, etc. from food author Claudia Roden, whom I've not heard of. Her books look great (and Bookslut is usually a reliable source for good writers/books). So I will be looking into her books more, via the library.

Looks like I have a lot of reading and eating to do. Yay!

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