Thursday, November 09, 2006


Last night I tried this millet,tomato & olive stuffed zucchini recipe from CHOW (my new favoritest food site). It turned out pretty good. I over-herbed it a bit. I didn't rosemary or marjoram so I just used more thyme and oregano. I have a bunch of the stuffing left. I think I'll add chopped up mushrooms and use it in zucchini again. Jack had the mushroom idea. He's so smart. I had the zucchini along with some baked chicken...herbs, olive oil and some whole cloves of garlic and a couple quartered shallots. I am gonna add whole cloves of garlic every time I bake/roast chicken or veggies, because man are those morsels of sweet garlic are AWESOME! Here's some pictures of the meal:

Now I need to come up with some ways to use the rest of the millet I bought. It's new to me, but I think it has some yummy possibilities.

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