Monday, October 25, 2004

My weekend food

Friday Night I went out to this restaurant called The Edge for my friend Scott's birthday. The place is in Lafayette Square, and it's a pretty cool joint. There's a really nice dining room for fancier dining, a brick and wood bar area for drinking and dining with your fellow Mafia members, a room for parties (that's where we were) and I think there was another more casual bar/dining area off the main dining room. They were pretty accommodating considering 12391234894 of us showed up...without a reservation. They were able to do separate checks and bring everyone the right food.

I had the "Rigatoni a la Edge," which was rigatoni in a red meat sauce with mushrooms, peas and prosciutto. It was good...and there was a HUGE amount of it. Enough left over for almost 2 lunches! Came with a house salad (Mel said it was pretty close to Pasta House's salad), and Cheese garlic bread. I had a couple of glasses of the House Chianti, which I thought was so-so...It was pretty fruity and tangy...I like a more buttery wine. I should have tried their house Cab, but things were just too hectic.

Then most of us headed over to this piano bar up the street called The Heights. It's a really cute bar, patronized mostly by gay men (but anyone should feel welcome there). I just had a couple of Gin & Tonics. The bartender was very good. They have food there, but obviously I didn't try any that night. A couple of my friends love the Brunch they have every Sunday...I'll have to join them some time.

Saturday night, before going to a trivia night, we went over to my aunt's house. They had ordered Stefanina's Pizza. St. Charles dwellers know the place well. They do have really good pizza. It's kind of along the lines of Imo's, but heavier on the toppings, and the cheese seems gooier.

Sunday night we stayed in and had one of my favorite types of meals...Warm bread, olives, Fontinella cheese, Lebanon Balogna and Mortadello. I love eating this Olive oil dip here, a slice of cheese there, an salty olive followed by a swig of fruity, rich red wine. Heaven.

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