Monday, October 18, 2004

Lost in the Supermarket

Happy links day, everybody! Today, I thought I'dd share some grocery store related links, since I do in fact work in the grocery business!

Although it's competition to my company, one of my favorite area grocery stores is the Global Foods Market in Kirkwood. I have so much fun there...perusing all the aisles. Each Aisle represent a couple different countries. I especially love the Asian and Indian areas. I'll have to see if my library has this book , so I can get more from the Indian Aisle. This is where we get our Sriracha chile sauce, wasabi peas, Mexican oregano, Korean red pepper flakes (most of our spices, really..they're cheaper here, and there's more of 'em). They also have a fun Produce section, with a few kinds of bananas, lots of mushrooms...oh I could go on and on. And the cheeses! Good god. We also get these flatbread they have which makes the perfect pizza crust. Okay, enough gushing over one're bound to hear more about it in th future.

In other local news, I hear the STL is getting it's first Trader Joe's . I'm way excited about this. I hear they have an excellent wine selection, and lots of other cool stuff.

Staying with the International groceries, here is a fun gallery of Hawaiian Groceries. And if you're thinking of grocery shopping in Rome, Here's some tips!

Now, travel back in time, with this collection of vintage grocery store photos.

And I can't forget one of my favorite links, a collection of found grocery lists.

Thankyou for shopping at Ironstef. Have a great day!

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