Friday, March 01, 2019

March 1: stuff and things and a concert


I'm turning 40 next week. To celebrate, my sneaky and amazing husband organized a concert with all my favorite local musicians in one place! And everyone is invited. That means you! Please come and enjoy the best St. Louis music! Here is the Facebook event page.


How Winemakers are dealing with/preparing for climate change

Joe Beef's sobriety

How Netflix became the new food network

A very interesting tidbit about Filipino desserts: They utilize a lot of egg yolks, because they built churches with egg whites!


We attended this Type Hike Arch poster show last week, where 60 designers made posters celebrating the St. Louis Arch's being named the 60th National Park. There are so many I want to buy! Very cool perspectives. Here are a few of my favorites:

 James Campbell

Matthew Marchini 

 Simón Lam 

Tyler Gross 


Food Typography. Check out my pinterest board! 

Have a great weekend everyone! See you at my birthday concert! 

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