Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ginger julep, and my spring favorites

Spring is here... the grass is greener, the birds are louder, the sun is lingering longer to show those rain clouds who's boss. I wanted to make a cocktail to mirror Spring's sweet, bubbly freshness. 

A couple weekends ago I got to go to a cocktail competition put on by The Big O Liqueur. The area's best mixologists/bartenders made concoctions featuring this stunning ginger nectar. The Big O is one of my favorites, you may remember it from the champagne cocktail I made with it for my 500th post. I was able to meet and hug the creators of the aperitif... they are friendly, passionate people, which makes drinking their product that much sweeter!

One of the competitors made a twist on the classic Mint Julep. While I found his a bit too sugary, I was really impressed with the flavor combination. I decided to make a simplified version of it... only 4 ingredients! 

Ginger Julep 
-4 or 5 fresh mint leaves
-2 oz. bourbon
-1.5 oz. Big O Ginger Liqueur
-3 oz. Ginger ale 
Muddle the mint leaves. Add the bourbon and Big O and stir or shake to combine. Strain into a glass filled ice. Top with ginger ale. Sip while listening to birds.

Here are some of my favorite springy recipes from the archives. Happy showers and flowers!

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