Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 - year of the balls and so much more

Wow, what a year it's been. The winter darkness and cold had started to creep into my psyche lately, making me feel like I'm in a funk. Looking back at the year and even at the recent holiday, however, has reminded me how lucky I am, and what a great life I have! A supportive family, fantastic friends, the Best Boyfriend Ever™, great food, interesting adventures... SO LUCKY. See? It's good to do these kinds of lists every year... I believe Oprah calls it a gratitude journal. 
I am grateful for BALLS. 2012 was the Year of the Balls. So many balls, so little time! Food in spherical form is good for many reasons: easy to eat, fun to eat, unlimited possibilities, versatile (can be appetizers or part of a main dish or even dessert!) Seriously, balls are a well-rounded food category. :p Here are all the balls I made and/or ate this year. 

Year of the Balls

Non-Ball Adventure Posts
Speaking of well-rounded, this blog has been about more than just balls this year. I have had some talented guest posters, made some sexy-ass food and had some fun and informative adventures this year. Some of the highlights:

Sexy Food Posts
The following dishes will get you laid:

Welp, that was a glimpse of what was... bring it, 2013! I am ready for you! Happy New Year, everybody! Thanks for reading.

Previous New Years Posts:

(this is not to say other years weren't good... I just didn't write recaps...)

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