Wednesday, March 28, 2012

bits and crumbs

Sometimes life does not allow me to cook up a new recipe every week. This is the perfect opportunity to share hoarded links, revisit past recipes, and give shout-outs to some of my ├╝ber-talented friends.
If you can't get enough balls (and who can?!), follow my Ball board on Pinterest. Also, check out my friend Cupcake Project Stef's post on cous cous balls, in which she so generously gives me a nod. Fun! BALLS!

I got an ice cream maker for my birthday (best boyfriend ever!), so I've been playing with it. I made some black pepper ice cream! I was inspired by a fabulous dinner at Home Wine Kitchen, where Cassie Vires (who's turducken recipe I used this past thanksgiving) made black pepper ice cream served with strawberry bread pudding and balsamic reduction. This dessert blew my mind. I used this recipe from my friend Kelly's blog, but infused the custard with peppercorns instead of popcorn. This was a super rich and yummy ice cream, with a lovely hint of black pepper. It went brilliantly with fresh strawberries and reduced balsamic vinegar!

I revisited one of my favorite recipes, Nam Tok beef. I don't often find myself with leftover steak, so I tried the recipe on a beef brisket I cooked in the slow-cooker (with water, onions, garlic & soy sauce.) It's the same concept, and it worked really well. So delicious. Do it.

The above photos were taken with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone, specifically the "Foodie Hipstapak" lens/film combo. I love how well food photos turn out with this. So much so that I shared all my favorites on my Daydream Believer Blog. Also on that blog, I wrote about my favorite food-centric bath and body products.

Enough about me... check out some of my St. Louis food blog buddies!

Stacey (remember her guest post?) Was on T.V.!! She showed the Lou how to make some homemade snacks. She's so cool!

Jon of Shoot To Cook made some pizza crusts that I NEED to try.

Amrita from The Sweet Art shares pomegranate lemon marscapone tart. with coconut macadamia crust. Dear lord. *fans self* is it hot in here?

Kimberly of Rhubarb and Honey made a heart-healthy chicken picadillo that looks too good to be good, you know?

I wannna go on a picnic with Jess and Maddie of City in a Jar. Check out their bread topping ideas.

I mentioned Kelly above (love her!). This Andouille corn chowder on her blog Sounding My Barbaric Gulp is on my must-make list. wow.

See? There is plenty of good food to go around... I don't need to ALWAYS hog this space with me me me. :)


Every Little Thing said...

Thanks for the mention! Lots of good people mentioned in this post.

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the shout out, Steph! And I really can't wait to make your nam tok beef ... I love that stuff!

Pavlov said...

Hey Stef, Maple walnut ice cream with candied habanero is just what your ice cream maker is looking for. Use the candies habanero as a garnish. Nice looking blog! Have a happy!