Tuesday, June 23, 2009

less and more

With summer there seems to be less and less cooking, therefore less and less blogging and less and less blog readers. But I really want to try and update this at least once a week with something... so as it gets more and more hot and humid, I will be posting more... even if it means quick posts like this one consisting of iPhone photos and non-recipes.

Like I said summer has hit hard here in St. Louis. A wet wool blanket of hot wet air that causes you to break into a drippy sweat as soon as you leave the comfort of the air-conditioned indoors. Blech. So lighter meals it is! Tonight's dinner is simply rice, with firm tofu and kimchee. The kimchee provides all the flavor, so there is not recipe, cooking or prepping needed, except for the cooking of the rice. It's light, filling, flavorful and cheap. Summer on a plate.

While I was picking up tofu and kimchee at the Asian grocery store, I happened upon these...

When did my beloved Wasabi Peas get a little sister?!?! Why didn't they send me a birth announcement?!?! Seriously... I love crunchy pea snacks, and I love Sriracha sauce. Brilliant. My new favorite snack to have with beer. Spicy, garlicky, slightly sweet. Man do I love the Asian grocery store. It's a wonderland.


April G. said...

I'm going to have to find those peas... Jeff and I love the wasabi peas too. I want to try the kimchee also as I've never had it before but have wondered about it. Even w/o a recipe, this dinner sounds delightful.

Robyn Wright of Robyn's Online World said...

I can't wait for this REALLY hot and humid weather to leave so I can get back to summer cooking. We have been living on salads, sandwiches, and such that involve no cooking at all. We do this in the summer always, but we aren't used to it being like this for so many days in a row and in June no less! Ugh!