Friday, January 02, 2009

nutty cookies

I tried out a couple of cookie recipes over the holidays.

The first were butter pecan cookies, which I found on Simply Recipes. These bad boys were a HIT! I gave out some as gifts and left the rest for my mom. My mom would not stop talking about them. They are very good. They seem to Melt-in-your mouth...mmmmmbuttery goodness. Check out the recipe on Simply Recipes...I followed it to the tee, so there is no reason to re-post it here. I'm sure these will be a regular cast member in Iron Stef kitchen stadium.

The other cookies I tried out were Martha's Almond Spice wafers. I LOVE spicy cookies, and I love crunchy cookies. These were fun because you freeze the dough first so you can cut out thin cookies. They would make a really cute hostess gift I think, a cute little mini-loaf pan filled with frozen cookie dough.

Mine, of course, looked nothing like Martha's. I did not slice them thin enough. I should maybe keep a ruler in the kitchen. The flavor was good, and I can see the potential for a lovely crumbly crunch were they thinner. Anyway, check out the recipe on Martha's site.

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