Monday, July 21, 2008

3 easy peasy schmeasy spreads

Egged on by the success of my Pistachio Fig spread, I started thinking of other flavor combos I could add to spreadable cheese to make fun dips. For all of these, the base is simply cream cheese....1/3 less fat cream cheese, actually. Why not? Just stay away from the fat free cream cheese. Like waterlogged chalk, that stuff is. Blech! Basically, I wandered through the grocery store until inspiration struck. And you know one has bacon innit. muse.

Speaking of bacon...Here is the spread that bacon inspired. Chopped up bacon and pepperoncini mixed into cream cheese. Why pepperoncini? I thought the tartness of it would contrast nicely with the salty bacon (I was right, of course). Also, I had some in my fridge. And yes, that is a Real Ghostbusters cartoon sleeping bag we are using as a picnic blanket. Who you gonna call?

I wanted to use green olives in a spread. What could I add that was sweet, to compliment the salty briny olives? Hey look at that! Right underneath the olives in question at the store's olive bar...roasted red peppers! Winner! My punny cheese spreader says it all.

See what I found at the store? Pumpernickel Pretzel crackers fercryinoutloud! These were inspiring. These called for something special, yet classic. Smoke salmon and capers and red onions. A happy little family of perfect yumminess. Here's a cash-saving tip...check to see if your seafood department sells lox trimmings...basically the leftover shavings from when they cut smoke salmon into slices. They are the same delicious product, just not as pretty...perfect for chopping up to put into this spread!

Weee! This is fun! The possibilities are endless. What would chop up and add to cream cheese?!?!


MamaPhunk said...

I would hit that last one like it owed me money. Awww yeah.

Anonymous said...

here is my fav: block of cream cheese, stick of butter, cup of chopped radishes, spring onions, celery salt and worchestershire sauce....spread it on a rye cracker and you got yourself one helluva dip!

Anonymous said...

i also do a curry dip: block of cream cheese, spring onions, lots of curry powder to taste, peanuts, raisins...blend to desired consistency...I sometimes thin with cream/milk to get a more dip than spread. serve with chutney of your choice. it's a crown pleaser.