Friday, March 21, 2008

An update and a chimp

Hey St. Louis! Remember how I wrote about Trevor Corson's visit to the Lou? Here's his recap of the visit to our fair city...complete with our lovely brown river, our holiness and our listening abilities.

And since we're kinda sorta on the subject of sushi, here are two completely hilarious videos that I just had to is Japanese and about noodles, and the other is a cartoon about fish and they are totally related the the Trevor Corson update, you see...yeah...that's the ticket!

First up, everyone's favorite chimp (trust me, he will be) Pan Kun and his bulldog companion James make noodles! Well, James isn't much help. But Pan Kun is amazing!

And then there's this..."I don't like fish." Ha!


SteamyKitchen said...

OMG, those videos are hilarious!!!!

ironstef said...

I know, right? do you not LOVE Pan Kun? he's my hero. And the other one...pretty much everyone's mom, no?