Friday, March 09, 2007

the pizza of my childhood

When I was growing up, THE place to get pizza in my neck of the woods was Faraci's. It was where you got pizza for occasions that required something a little more special than, say, Little Caesars (Pizza! Pizza!...yuck, I know but when I was a kid that stuff was AWESOME!) Faraci is still going, and even has a second location (the link above only has the new address, but the original one in Ferguson is still there). Last night my mom, brother and sis-in-law came over. They brought Faraci's with them! The Faraci Special, which has Italian sausage, pepperoni, bacon, mushrooms, um...a whole mess of deliciousness. They also had a sauceless pizza (my SIL isn't supposed to eat tomato sauce) with hamburger, mushrooms and onions.

Wow, was the pizza good! As good as I remember. Super-thin, handmade crust that's not greasy at fact it still has a dusting of flour on it. The provel cheese, a St. Louis favorite, is runny and sticky and yummy. And the toppings were plentiful. They use canned mushrooms, which I kinda like. I was too anxious to dig in to get any pretty photos of the whole pizzas, but I snapped some after the carnage...there wasn't much left.

a lone piece remained. This was the Faraci Special.

Look at the toppings!

The sauceless. It was tasty, but I would have preferred Italian sausage. Hamburger doesn't have much flavor.

A good shot of the crust. The crust is so good. Light and crunchy.

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