Wednesday, July 05, 2006

well read, well fed (installment 3)

well read, well fed; installment three

Last week 3 food related books that I had put on hold at the library came in on the same day. I won't get around to reading them anytime soon, especially since the day before I went and bought Anthony Bourdain's "Nasty Bits" and plan on starting on that tonight. So, for my memory and in case you're interested, here are 3 food books that I hope to read in the near future:

The Art of Eating by M.F.K. Fisher. This is an impressive volume. If I start reading it and find I like it (which is a distinct possibility, seeing as Fischer is well-known as one of the best-ever food writers), it might warrant a purchase.

Coming Home to Eat by Gary Paul Nabham.

Last Chance to Eat by Gina Mallet.This book was mentioned in the interview with Bourdain I linked to a few posts back.

Meanwhile, over the weekend I made a visit to the thrift store, and happened upon 14,000 things to be Happy About by Barbara Ann Kipfer. I thought I'd share some of her food/food-related "things":

-Long-stemmed glasses
-goat cheese
-gravy boats
-tea bag tags
-reading menus
-taking a food-and-drink dictionary to a retaraunt
-breakfast on the porch
-cucumber sandwiches sliced like a dream, brown boiled eggs, strawberry ice, lemondade
-sweet basil=good wishes
-pistachio nuts
-pizza bricks
-fresh and tangy lime
-balls of real butter
-pasta with pruscuitto and peas
-Mr. Magoo's Chinese cook, Charley
-The refrigerator egg holder
-meringues that melt in the mouth
-wienie roasts
-wild Maine blueberries heaped onto a crust and topped with whipped cream
-soup spoons

happy yet? hungry? :)

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