Sunday, November 13, 2005

weekend cocktails and cookies

Just a quick weekend food update. IÂ’m trying to update more, really I am. Okay, okay, I'll try harder :)

Friday we were in the mood for tacos and alcohol. The tacos were easy enough, some shells, some meat (expertly seasoned with spices from our cabinet by my sweetheart. who needs that sodium-ridden taco seasoning packets? Not me.) and course some cheese. I was up for any kind of drink except wine (I have a cold, it wouldn't taste right!). He didn't want beer. Margaritas sounded good, but too much work (and I don't like the pre-made mixes so much). Then we saw a display of cute bottles of assorted cocktail mixers, one of which was this Mojito mix I had my reservations, but it's actually quite yummy. We did add some fresh lime juice, just a wedge to freshen it up a bit. But it wasn't too sweet, like margarita mixes tend to be, and it had a very nice hint of mint I know, I know, how hard is it to mash up lime, mint and sugar? Well, we were feeling exceptionally lazy that night. So there.

Saturday I baked these cookies for the second time. I baked them last weekend, and they were good, but not quite sweet enough. This week I packed the brown sugar so there was more of it, I added the right amount of mlasses (don't think I measured right last time) and replaced most of the oil with applesauce, which added extra sweetness. I also sprinkled the tops of the cookies with some of the raw sugar for extra sweetness and crunch. They turned out great. Sweeter and more moist than the first time. Mipmup's right, these are a mean fall cookie.

I wanted to make this curried chickpea soup this weekend, but Jack's making chili instead. It smells delicious, and should be ready as soon as I'm done with laundry. He used chunks of chuck roast instead of ground beef, and also some ground venison we've had in the freezer for awhile. Should be hella tasty.

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mipmup. said...

glad you like them! i actually packed in more brown sugar when i made them this weekend, too. my husband liked this batch much better. i'll have to try the applesauce technique next time. ;)