Wednesday, April 27, 2005

nutritious & delicious

The government released a revised food pyramid not too long ago. Therefore, "New Nutrition guideline fun for all" is the theme this week!

Go to to see what you should be eating. And you can get more specific by entering your age, sex and activity level.

We could probably all use more veggies in our diets (I'm supposed to have at least 3 cups a day, according to the pyramid). Here's a neat resource to find farmer's markets near you.
What to do with all those yummy fresh veggies you get at the farmer's market? Check out this plethora of Just Vegetables Recipes!

Protein is important, too. Are you getting enough?

Make over your breakfast according to the nutrition guidelines.

Rather just take a magic pill? good luck.

I'm off to shovel sugar babies into my mouth now :)

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